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Trade Show


If you are considering having Matt Dunn at your trade show booth, you are well on your way to a successful return on your investment. In a place where you are trying to get noticed among hundreds of others competing against you, this will not only make you stand out, but make the guy next to you jealous. At trade shows, getting people to stop at your booth is hard enough, but getting them to remember you, is the hardest and most important part of any exhibit. It’s not worth it if they only use your free pen to make “to do” lists later that week. Matt Dunn’s experience, combined with Magic, your sales team, free give aways, brochures, and hospitality suite, are like a silver bullet when it comes to trade show success


This may be the easiest question you have to answer during your entire trade show experience. Imagine this, you enter into a convention center filled with hundreds of people and booths. Every step you take produces one more swarthy sales person prepared to grab onto you and not let go. One after the other invites you to their booth or tries to hand you something you will shove in a bag only to throw away later. How annoying you think. Now imagine this. You have been walking around for quite some time and are getting a bit irritated by sales people. Your bag is over flowing with logoed stress balls with not enough hands to squeeze them. You suddenly come across a group of people that are oooing, ahhing, and laughing. What’s this you think. A break from the norm. You immediately stop, you want in on the fun. In fact, you even help with what is taking place, magic. How neat this is, what a creative thing to do. And wait, this nice young guy doing this magic just gave me back my wrist watch! How the heck did he take that.

That scenario is the type of thing that happens all the time when Matt Dunn performs at trade show booths. Within moments, a group of people form who are now staring at your booth, having a good time, and are attracting other potential leads FOR you!

After a little bit of the magic and fun, Matt passes these potential leads off to your friendly sales people, encouraging them to grab some free stuff, which for some reason they now really want, and inviting them to your gracious hospitality suite later in the evening where he will be performing even more incredible magic.What happens is the atmosphere changes where people open up and show interest, getting THEM to ask questions. This makes the sales process a two way street. There is no longer someone shoveling information on passers by. They are asking for it.


When you bring Matt Dunn into your booth, it’s like having another top salesman at your finger tips. Matt will customize his entertaining sales strategy and magic to fit exactly what you need. He can even involve one of your give away items in a trick. Imagine Matt taking a pencil with your logo on it, shoving it through someones borrowed dollar bill, melting the bill back together, and then giving them the pencil to keep! They will be showing the pencil to people all day. And of course before returning the unharmed bill, a live goldfish would appear from it!

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